No To Proposed Motocross For Former Goldenhill Golf Course

A meeting was held yesterday where Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (SAGE) and Councillor Chandra Kanneganti discussed at length the proposal to have a motocross track at the former Goldenhill Golf Course.

Notes which were taken at the 25.07.23 meeting with senior officers from SAGE, Councillor Kanneganti and the proposed developer which were relayed onto local social media sites were discussed at length, along with an abundance of comments, including those from local residents.

A joint decision was then made by the SAGE Committee and Councillor Kanneganti not to support the idea at the venue by a majority decision.

Councillor Kanneganti and Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association expressed their thank’s to the proposed developer for including them at this early stage with the proposals, and allowing us to share our thoughts with him.

3 comments to No To Proposed Motocross For Former Goldenhill Golf Course

  • Nick Jukes

    I think the motocross should go ahead as it would only use a small part of the golf course and the noise isn’t that bad if they had strict times to use it..

  • Matty b

    I think they should not go through with the plan at all.
    The reasons why
    1 my selfish reason firstly the reduction in my house price nobody will ever want to buy my house being next to a motorcross course.and why some who says hes local to the area and lives in Derbyshire want to build it ruining a lovely area.will the developer and the council both be liable to compensate effected house prices as for one i will be willing to take both to the claims from the money they charge they can afford to pay out compo.
    2 he says it will only operate every second sunday.
    How can you guarantee this?
    Without security stoping folk from using it when they like .the course could be used 24/7.
    3the area single track roads to it goldenhill and all other areas would be gridlocked while they arrive at the site.
    4 make it secure enough not for it to become a travlers site.
    5 scrutiny will all bikes if its built be under scrutiny and any stolen or unfit bikes be confiscated i doubt it.
    6 air pollution its not just goldenhill thats effected its also kidsgrove and no council member has even talked to the residents our side of the boundaries. All the two stroke smells and earth kicked up must come down.
    7 noise pollution just planting trees will not blok the sound of two stroke and four stoke bikes im not bought at all on that.

  • Mobberley Road resident

    I think this is a absolutely terrible idea, as a Mobberley Road resident who works shifts I will have no chance of rest due to the loud and obnoxious motorbikes running “every other Sunday” untill it’s deemed profitable and run every Sunday then every Saturday and Sunday.

    The idea that bike already use it so let’s make it legal if a down right dumb ideology which is fundementaly flawed… Your inviting even more bike to the area and not stopping those going through the golf course.

    I for one will not be supporting the bid and will do everything in my power to stop this going ahead.

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