Antisocial Behaviour, Sandyford McDonald’s

Staffordshire Police are reporting that recently teenager’s have been causing antisocial behaviour in McDonald’s on Sandyford High Street.

The Police are working with McDonald’s and will not tolerate this sort of behaviour and names have been taken. McDonald’s have issued banning letter’s to the teenager’s involved and they are not welcome in their restaurant in the future.

The Police will be delivering the letter’s to the nuisance teenager’s and speaking to parents about their son / daughter’s behaviour in the restaurant.

This is a positive step forward where the police and restaurant are working together to stop antisocial activity within the local community.

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  • Dawn cuthbertson

    This is great news, parents need to take responsibility of their children instead of letting them run feral, obviously this is not a cap that fits all and I obviously know some parents don’t know what their child is up to, hope it goes well and reduces antisocial behaviour

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