Stoke Council Planned Cuts & Charges Survey, Have Your Say

Full list of proposed budget cuts and income-generating measures

Children and family services

  • Termination of vacant roles and posts that are no longer required due to the changing role and responsibility of the local authority to co-ordinate youth provision. The saving represents a shift from directly delivered youth services towards supporting community sector led provision. £159,000
  • Removal of vacant school crossing patrol posts. Existing occupied crossing patrols unaffected. £56,000

Adult social care, health integration and wellbeing

  • Review the provision of the council’s telecare and community alarm service via redesign and development of alternative offers. Where the equipment is not being used or is no longer required, a wider range of assistive, more suitable technology will be offered. £152,000
  • Removal of six carer respite beds due to lack of utilisation. £203,000
  • Reviewing the requirements of people with learning disabilities and/or mental health to support them to be as independent as possible. £446,000
  • Review of reablement functions across the health and social care system to increase numbers of people living independently. Reablement is a critical part of the assessment function to enable people to meet their full potential and will no longer be providing long term domiciliary care as there is capacity in the home care market to ensure people with care needs are supported. £850,000
  • Removal of community development team posts. £82,000

Housing, development and growth

  • Introduce an annual brown bin collection charge priced at £40 to replace the existing winter subscription service. £465,000
  • Organisations will be encouraged and supported to review their business models especially around the maximisation of Housing Benefit and accessing other sources of funding. £280,000
  • Increased enforcement of the private rented sector to improve the lives of residents and generate revenue to reinvest in council services through fixed penalty fines for contraventions of housing standards, and licence fees for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). £25,000
  • Introduce a £1 charge at Longton Exchange car park and relocate the 30 minutes free offer to Chancery Lane car park. £180,000
  • Cease the lease arrangements with Lower Huntbach Street car park. £50,000
  • Restructure of grounds maintenance team to reduce the numbers of seasonal staff. £100,000

City director

  • Cessation of cultural grants. A number of organisations that previously received cultural grants have already secured alternative funding, in some cases quite substantial amounts. A small number of organisations may not be able to provide the same level of cultural activity as they have previously if they are not successful in securing alternative funding. Council says this loss will be more than mitigated through the significant new investment of Shared Prosperity funding in cultural activity within the city, totalling £3.4m. £245,000

Strategy and resources

  • Reduction in library opening hours, reflecting the financial challenges facing the council and a decrease in voluntary staffing. £184,000

Follow the links below to have your say to the plans put forward by the city council.

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