ASB Update, Business in Tower Square Tunstall

Staffordshire Police say that a male who has been causing a number of issues in Tower Square Tunstall has been issued with a Community Protection Notice. The order carries the power of arrest if the male is seen to breach his conditions which cover a number of problems a few of these conditions are the male must not block the doorways or businesses, during opening/trading hours and you must move from doorways of businesses when asked,  While in Tunstall he must ensure that he acts in a manner which is respectful and does not cause harassment, alarm and distress to residents, business owners and visitors to the location. The male must not be abusive and/or verbally aggressive to service providers, members of staff or the public when spoken to or asked to move. 

If you do experience issues with this male please ring 101 or log the call on the Staffordshire police website as we will need to log of the call to evidence the breach of the order.  

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