It Doesn’t ASDA be This Way

Is it a big ask for Tunstall ASDA to have all 10 basket self serve checkout’s to offer cash as well as a card payment system.

Visits to the store at best offer 5 cash checkout’s, although on occasion it has been known to provide only 2 out of the 10.

Customers to the store can be seen waiting in a queue to pay by cash, and store staff are asking “if you pay by card, come to the front of the queue”.

Not all customers want to pay by card, and consideration surely must be to please the customer who wants to buy from ASDA.

It is reported that cash payments have experienced a resurgence after a decade of decline. Last year, the number of payments made using notes and coins increased by 7%, reaching a total of 6.4 billion payments

To support having better cash payment facilities at ASDA, please follow the link Survey ( although you will require a customer receipt to complete the survey

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