Fly Tipping/Traveller Access Deterrent in Place at New Goldenhill Pathway

Stoke on Trent City Council has now placed a bollard at the entrance of a new pathway at it’s Mobberley Road entrance.

The bollard will hopefully prevent fly tipping in the area where recently offenders have unloaded asbestos onto the pathway, and earlier in the week open access allowed Travellers to go onto nearby land.


Hollywall Lane Suffers Further “Fly Tipping”

In the early hours of Monday morning (13.03.17) residents were alerted to more fly tipping in Hollywall Lane, Sandyford by irresponsible people who don’t care where or when they choose to dump their rubbish.

It has been reported that Stoke on Trent City Council immediately closed off the lane when it was realised that […]

Fly Tipping Crackdown

Fly tippers across the city are facing a crackdown by the City Council.

A Stanfield resident dumped more than 20 bags of rubbish in Gill Bank Road, Goldenhill last year and has received a £220 fine, given a £22 victim surcharge and told to pay £420 court costs.

It has been reported that Goldenhill is […]

Environmental Crime – What Is It?