Wildlife Trust Celebration Day

The Wildlife Trust are holding a Celebration Event this Saturday 12th March at Westport Lake Nature Reserve, right next to their new eco visitor centre in Longport. After three fun-packed years, the Wildplay project is coming to an end so why not join them to celebrate playing outdoors by learning new games and having a go at natural crafts and trails with all the family! The organisation are inviting the community to come and meet them, and find out more about the services and projects they currently deliver across the city. All activities are free and you can drop in at any time throughout the day.’ For further information follow the web link http://www.staffs-wildlife.org.uk

1 comment to Wildlife Trust Celebration Day

  • A brilliant event but also a sad day in so far that so many of our cities kids can no longer enjoy the experiences that Wildplay has been providing these past 3 years.

    Wildplay has been more than just play, the Wildplay Team have shown my kids that there is more to the outside than parks and pavements. By showing children and parents alike it’s fun to step of the path, and have a closer look at nature.

    Here’s hoping they manage to chase the next set of funding so we can see wildplay once more.

    Check out this Gallery of the last wildplay event, over at westport lake

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