Youths Antagonising Local Residents

Local residents are being provoked by a small number of young people who are hanging around the streets of Sandyford.

It is being reported the youths are antagonising local residents who live in and around the Ridge Road area of Sandyford.

Local residents are saying that they are having to put up with verbal abuse, threats and inappropriate hand gestures.

Police are aware of the ongoing situation and have requested local residents to report all incidents to them.

A main concern for the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association is that with the evenings getter longer that the situation could get even worse.

If you are experiencing similar antisocial activities then you can leave your comments on the contact us page or the police & antisocial behaviour section on the forum page of the website.

To visit Staffordshire Police website then follow the link

2 comments to Youths Antagonising Local Residents

  • Tom Simpson

    A local resident who lives in the Sandyford area has reported the following to S.A.G.E.
    Having lived in fear for 4 years I feel it is time for action with regards to anti-social behaviour. This an on going thing and having spoke to a feew other residents feel we are sick of feeling intimadated by the youths what walk this road day and night,playing football in the road stopping traffic from passing then shouting abuse at the drivers! Throwing stones and bricks at cars and properties,trespassing on my property,throwing snowballs at passing cars and properties,shouting degrading abuse not only at my daughters but at any young girls happening to be walking along the street. We just want to come home after a days work and be able to relax in our own homes of a night,its not too much to ask. The decent law abiding residents are putting their houses on the market but have little or no chance of selling,who wants to buy a property in a street with yobs shouting abuse at you?Enoughs enough now!I will be attending the next meeting to see what the outcome of this situation will be.

  • Angry Dad

    so why is it then that when reports of problems up in goldenhill were reported during your last get together were we told up to be quite, and our problems brushed aside. You’ve got the junior pc telling us they know who they are, but nothing is being done. and no help from our betters was forthcomeing . there were peple from the councill there who could have listened and helped. these problems arent anything new they are just ongoing

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