Antisocial Behaviour “The Worst it’s been in 20 Years”

A Sandyford resident has made the following comments to the S.A.G.E. website of what is happening in and around the Ridge Road Estate.

The lady says, there is still an ongoing problem in the area with certain youths shouting/gesturing local residents, and when a young girl of 10 year’s of age has two fingers gestured at her, then I think something needs to be done, the size of the “gang” is growing counting approx 8 persons patrolling the street today, this can be very intimidating to the elderly or young and I feel if something is not done then all the decent people will leave and we all know what types will move in. The Police were contacted today and there response was that they need an order from the Council to breakup “gangs” of youths hanging around the streets, although they did attend but no-one was there. Just what, as residents do we have to put up with before something is done to  put an end to this matter.  I have lived in this area for approx 20 years now and this is the worst i have seen.

Upon S.A.G.E. contacting Tunstall Police, it was reported they are aware of the ongoing situation of antisocial behaviour and have agreed to make regular high visibility police visits to the area over the next four days.

The police further commented that they are hoping a high presence of officers patrolling the area will show support to local residents who are having to put up with high levels of antisocial activities.

Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association is advising all residents to report any kind of antisocial behaviour to the police and to let S.A.G.E. know how it is affecting them through the website.

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