Police “Action”

Staffordshire Police are saying they are dealing with residents complaints against reports of antisocial behaviour in the Sandyford area.

Additional PCSO’s were drafted into the Ridge Road area of Sandyford on Thursday and Friday of this week to give support to local residents.

Police have informed S.A.G.E. that they are aware of the situation in regards to people being intimidated and threatened by small pockets of youths who are hanging around the area.

Yesterday evening, Friday 25.03.11 police were addressing antisocial activities in Ridge Road by visiting properties where known individuals live in an attempt to stamp it out.

Sergeant Marcus Ferns, P.C. Glyn Talbot & PCSO Michael Frost are encouraging residents throughout the Sandyford & Goldenhill area to come forward and report all antisocial behaviour incidents to them.

To visit Staffordshire Police website then follow the link www.staffordshire.police.uk/ or to view crime statistics go to www.staffordshire.police.uk/crimemapping/

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  • The ever courageous Baroness Newlove today speaks about communities being given the powers to get their streets back today

    In my personal experience, I’ve always wavered just before reporting the kids to the police, thinking I was there once. Let the Police non emergency call centre decide. Just phone your issue, and they’ll put a call into the ABS car that Tunstall Police run.

    Let the police check out the situation, normally all it takes is a word.
    0300 123 4455

    Obviously call 999 if it’s a life threatening emergency.

  • Also in the Tunstall Commanders area, Packmoor and Fegg Hayes area will face facing a abs crackdown

  • PCTalbot

    Dear All.
    Thanks to all those who attended the last meeting at the Community Centre, and for supporting the ongoing efforts of all concerned. I was asked about a few things at the meeting, but anti-social behavior was one of the main topics.
    There were two main areas for concern, but as I said at the meeting, I cannot go into specifics. (however, I’m sure you are all aware of the locations)
    Just to keep you up to date, and to inform those who couldn’t attend, we are working on a solution to the problems. We have consulted with many residents, and are currently working closely with Council Officials to move the enquiries on swiftly. Many of you will have been contacted by myself, PCSO Michael Frost, or Pauline Devall already, and many more of you will be contacted in the future. We would like to see positive progress within a couple of weeks.
    It is nearly always the case that acts of anti social behaviour and crime are reported by members of the public, and not witnessed directly by Police. Progressing enquiries would not be possible without your help. A number of you have reported matters of concern to S.A.G.E. committee members, who have in turn contacted myself. I would ask that you try and contact myself or Michael in the first instance, as sometimes vital information can be lost if there is any delay. If you wish to remain anonymous, then call CrimeStoppers, or just leave us an anonymous voicemail message. You could even email us as well, as the information you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence.
    Our details are:
    PC 4733 Glyn Talbot 0300 123 4455
    PCSO 8953 Michael Frost 0300 123 4455

    EMail: glyn.talbot@staffordshire.pnn.police.uk

    Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111

  • Stoke-on-Trent used to have its own police force, and I think this is something that needs looked at seriously again.
    Staffs police seem to be caught up in this PC liberal rubbish that hinders the officers from carrying out their duties to the best of their abilities, having our own force away from the political manipulation that has turned law and order into a joke would be a very7 useful step in combatting the rising levels of anti-social behaviour.

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