Voting for your next Councillor

It has been announced today who will be standing to be our next councillor in the Goldenhill & Sandyford Ward local elections being held on the 5th May.

The following candidates are standing for election.

Martin Garner, Labour Party

Craig Arthur Pond, England First

Megan Ryan, Independent

David Sutton, not declared

Matthew Douglas Wyman, Liberal Democrat

Remember you will have the opportunity to listen to what each of the candidates has to say at the S.A.G.E. Public Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 14th April at 7.30 p.m. Goldenhill Community Centre.

As a resident in the ward, you have the opportunity to ask candidates questions at the Public Meeting in relation to them standing to be your next councillor.

For more information on who will be standing for election in the rest of Stoke on Trent then follow the link

12 comments to Voting for your next Councillor

  • your very own MyTunstall will also be asking candidates questions and publishing the questions online from question create by people in this and other local wards to find out who the candidates are, if they are any good and if we can work with them, and they work with us.

    Over the next few weeks we’ll see more and more answers coming in. For now, check out the local election coverage at:


  • I’ve now got a Opinion Poll asking who you’d vote for.

    It’s completely anonymous, so why not give it a go.

  • The first Goldenhill and Sandyford candidate has replied with their questions complied by local folk.

    Craig Pond English First is first on the case

    Megan Ryan is working on hers, and will be done shortly, no word from Dave Sutton yet about when his questions are due, but he has responded, Matthew Wyman has had the details details forwarded onto him via a third party (who has responsed) and Martin Garner has had his questions sent also via a third party who has not responded.

  • Martin Garner


    I’ll be busy campaigning in the area between now and 5th May. If anyone would like to get in touch you can do so on 01782 768846 or by emailing me at

    I also expect to have Joan Walley MP out with me in the area at various points.

    Look forward to meeting as many of you as possible over the next few weeks.

    Martin Garner
    Labour Party Candidate for Goldenhill & Sandyford

  • Quick update, Martin is compiling his answers

  • terry turbo

    Mr Garner, if you can’t be bothered to turn up at the meeting what differance will having another failure like Joan Whalley with you?
    Is this the same Joan Whalley (and Megan Ryan ) that stated she had been “working for twelve months to save Tunstall pool” then blaming the Con/Lib,Dems for closing it?

  • I am the only candidate standing for S&G that has answered the questions fully and attended both meetings.
    Northwoood and Birches Head councillor- but not for much longer!- Cllr Sutton, has answered some of the questions, but none that require any thought, and he does have a big following, Northwood and Birches Head are all hoping S&G take him on so they can elect one that works properly.

    There are lead balloons that can’t sink as fast as Megan Ryan did, illustrating her lack of understanding over the city council and their propensity for wasting money, and just how much that has annoyed the S&G residents.

    Once again, the Lib Dum and the Labour communist were conspicuous by their absence, neither having answered the questions put by residents of the ward, or attended either of the two meetings, though we did get lumbered with his wife- whoever named her Joy had some sense of humour!- who preceded to give a speech for Labour, and then like a bull in a china shop, she starts handing out Labour leaflets for her damp squib husband. One of the positives about this though, was the number of leaflets left behind in the hall, and the regular, unflattering comments about what Labour are, what they done, and what they could do with their leaflets!

    Despite some Labour stirring, I spoke to the gypsy women after the meeting about the trouble they have been going through. I asked for a contact number, and put them in touch with a reporter who will help them sort their problems out. It took ten minutes on the phone to organise, why haven’t any of the other candidates sorted this out for her? They all claim to be doing great things in this ward, but talking to the locals I get the distinct impression that is nothing more than the stuff you put round your plants, a big pile of it. 🙂

  • Sorry to have to be doing this, but it looks as if Matt Burke at MyTunstall has cut me off from posting replies to the comments made about me.

    I have e-mailed him several times now, to which he has not replied, nor has he posted my comments for several days now, yet he is allowing the other candidates to do so, there is even one comment that he has adjusted to fall in line with things that Joy Garner has said!

    If you discover what the reason is for my ex-communication, please drop me a line and let me know, because the only thing I can think of is that he has joined the Labour party!

  • No Craig, not a member of the Labour party, or any party for that matter. Also just so you know, Talk about local isn’t about politics, it’s about helping sites like this and MyTunstall.

    Like any forum, MyTunstall has rules and when people are repeatedly asked to stick to those rules and ignored (I’ve also emailed Craig several times, in which emails have not been replied to, and my requests to stay within the sites terms and conditions have been blatantly been ignored.), I will first make your user’s comments always go into a moderating queue, and if my requests are repeatedly ignored, I’ll just not bother making those comments live.

    It doesn’t matter if you are standing for election or not, if you can’t follow the sites rules, then your comments are posted if ever at the admin teams leisure (yep team, there are a number of us who run the site).

    I hope that answers your questions publicly, and acts of intimidation like this aren’t nice, and don’t wash with me.

    I hope that answers your questions, it’s not personal, it’s down to you not sticking to the rules.

    The Q/A session were the only responses wanted from candidates, that’s why the questions were sent. Anything else, stick to sites like the sentinel and pits n pots, it’s what they are all about.

  • Matt,
    how can you say Talk about Local isn’t about politics, when it’s run by a bloke from the Cabinet Office and is funded by Labour quango’s?!

    As to your terms and conditions, these appear to change according to your mood! Just which other candidate has come in for this treatment from you?

    This isn’t intimidation. What else am I supposed to do when you refuse to talk to to me?! I’m sat here with no idea what it is I’ve done to upset you this time, and you were deliberately ignoring me!

    What rules have I broken? You start a political debate on your site, then complain every time I post a political comment!

    And why do you keep referring to the Sentinel or pnp?

    The Sentinel is as biased as pnp, or haven’t you noticed how on some stories you are not allowed to comment, whilst on others, comments are surrepticiously removed, that’s because the editor-in-chief, Mike Sassi, is Common Purpose.

    Common Purpose, that’s a form of freemasonry that the city council is riddled with, so is Staffs police, this is how stories get hushed up, funny handshakes behind closed doors.

    You should have made it clear that the only political postings you wanted on site were the answers to the questions, and if that’s really what you wanted you could have simply disconnected the right to post comments on those threads.

  • MyTunstall’s T&C’s have been up on the site for a really long time.

    As to not getting in touch back with you, what was the point, really? I sent you a lot of emails asking you to cool it, show some decorum and stop laying into the other candidates. You clearly ignored those emails.

    Craig, your a intelligent person for all of your faults, it was quite clear that a Q/A session is just that, it makes me laugh that you try pulling the hurt card.

    You have to ask yourself which other candidate has posted the things you have? None, so none of the others have. I think they’ve all been scared off by you to be quite honest.

  • terry turbo

    If they have been scared off by a candidates answers then they should stand down.
    Are they councilors for the people, lackys to their respective party’s, or servants to the officers of the council?
    As for tactics, try looking at one persons post for low tactics.
    No Matt they won’t answer the questions because they know it will come back on them.
    The word is gutless.
    To blame Craig because others “won’t” answer is a copout.

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