School Days in 1950s Goldenhill

David Wood takes us through a history lesson of what it was like to be a pupil in 1950s Goldenhill.

David says in his own words, My education began in 1950 when I was 4 years old.
It was the nursery class in Heathside Lane and the building is still standing.
At that time the lane was always referred to as Hodgefields, it was only later that they poshed it up with the Heathside name.
The old British Legion stood opposite the school gates, the building if my memory serves me well was a nissan hut type structure.
The nursery class teacher was Mrs Clarke and there was always a big roaring fire in the fireplace.
The next teacher was Mrs Chadwick, quite a stern lady who ruled with a firm voice.
After that came Miss Cooper’s class, she was a very nice teacher and I think that she was the one who organised the concerts.
The top class was the domain of Miss Clarke, a very tiny lady who took no prisoners with unruly boys, I found this out quite soon.
It was in this class that I remember being told to go straight to the classroom and wait, rather than stay in the hall for assembly.
After a short while we were told to go into the hall and the headmistress, Mrs Bailey announced to the school that the King had died, that was 1952.
We then sang God Save The Queen.

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2 comments to School Days in 1950s Goldenhill

  • sylvia booth

    memories goldenhill . school days l live a sandy road Friends jean Poole. Pauline jones Pauline Cooper. Teacher. Mr dale Maths. Mr Heath . Mr pollard Good teacher. P.T.Talbot. Mrs Diddie Cookery. Shop Cinema Chop Chips. Oatcake. Clothes. Newsagent. Butchers. Steele Fashions. Tunstall Park. Furlong Road Line Railway brige in was the park. Gates and front if you was the boating lake. The playgroud with its swings slide an seewaw the old raiway steam trains. How we had the floral hall. small shops ice cream and lillies. Goods Days.

  • david

    I made a couple of mistakes regarding the British Legion.
    The Legion building was actually behind the Red Lion and the Nissen hut was the Army Cadet and TA centre.
    I can remember Sylvia and her brother Ron and also Jean Poole.
    Pauline Jones was a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding in 1963.

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