Land Secured as Gypsies Move On

As gypsies moved off land near to Sandyford Cricket Club on Saturday 21st May, Councillor Martin Garner reported to S.A.G.E. that the fencing is now repaired.

Councillor Garner said that his concerns along with S.A.G.E. was that if the area is left open to access then the situation could be made even easier for the gypsies to get onto the land should they try again.

The councillor added that to get the fencing repaired, he has had to put plenty of pressure on the City Council to get the job done.

1 comment to Land Secured as Gypsies Move On

  • The fencing is repaired…………..until next time the gypsies decide to break through it and tresspass on private land.
    There are rules and regulations that available for use against these scum, including the confiscation of vehicles, but the city council and third rate councillors are too afraid to use them.

    I look forward to seeing what Gimpy Garner does to get rid of the crud that has found its way to Ridge Road.

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