Children’s Safety Comes First at St Joseph’s Primary School

Safety of the children who attend St Joseph’s Primary School in Goldenhill is now a top priority.

Since Steve Shaw, Vice Chair of Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association saw the problems arising from vehicles collecting and dropping their children off outside the school and it causing the area to become unsafe for everyone, it was then that he decided to do something about it.

Steve whose children attend the school approached the Head Teacher and started a campaign to address the problem. Steve gained sponsorship to make people aware of the problem through posters etc and he borrowed some cones on a temporary basis to place outside the school to deter motorists parking there.

The Vice Chair of S.A.G.E. was always aware the cones needed to be returned to the City Council but with help from Councillor Martin Garner to purchase 36 traffic cones from his ward budget will certainly help the school to keep on top of the problem and ensure the children are being kept much safer.

Councillor Garner informs S.A.G.E. that the new heavy duty cones will be delivered to the school next week.

Well done! everyone.

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