Hundreds Turn Out For Goldenhill Fun Day

Hundreds of people turned out for the annual Goldenhill Community Fun Day, which was held on Saturday 11th August.

To open the event, Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (S.A.G.E.) invited Police Chief Inspector, Adrian Roberts to do the honours. Councillor Martin Garner was also present on the day and he supported S.A.G.E. by going into the stocks so that residents could throw wet sponges at him for 10p a go.

There were many activities and events at the carnival including 25 market street table top stalls, police, fire service, fair, youth service, scouts, music, face painting, balloon modelling as well as many on site food and drink outlets.

The girls Church Lane Morris Dance Troupe were also present, and they attracted wide spread support from the local community to go and see them professionally dance in their pretty co-ordinated dance outfits.

The day proved a real success this year and it is so nice to see the local community coming together along with its residents association to put on such a celebratory day for all to enjoy.

2 comments to Hundreds Turn Out For Goldenhill Fun Day

  • Rachael

    I was very very disappointed with the fair, it was very poor. The lady on the bouncy slide was aweful and shouldn’t have been within 10feet of children. She barked at toddlers, yelled at kids when there time was up. I also thought it was a family fun day, so why then were young men walking around the field with cans of stella talking to uth services? why were people walking around with beer in cups and why was there a intimidating bunch of thugs outside the front of the community center. Very off putting for normal folk. The stalls weren’t a patch on last year either, and the music was way to loud. NOT IMPRESSED.

  • DJCS

    Hi Rachael, thanks for the comments. I was the dj on the fun day and believe that the day was a great success. And the feedback from all the people I spoke to was very positive. Now the fun day is aimed at the youth of the area which in my opinion includes louder music. It’s a shame you found the day disappointing but your more than welcome to join the SAGE committee to help out with the development for the 2013 fun day.

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