Going to see the Doctor in the “Good Old Day’s”

Picture, Bert Bentley, City Archives

Who remembers the good old days when Doctor Rohatgi used to see his patients along Hollywall Lane in his Sandyford surgery pictured right.

Those were the days when we used to enter his “nissen hut” type building before moving to the “Sita Medical Centre” and now “Goldenhill Medical Centre” on the High Street in Goldenhill.

Is it really 30 years ago since Hollywall Lane lost it’s G.P. surgery and school clinic, which served us as far back as the second world war.

It’s so good to go back and see these long lost memories, and if anyone can add to this story then please have your say by leaving a comment on the website.

2 comments to Going to see the Doctor in the “Good Old Day’s”

  • I was at Hollywall lane from 1959-1967 from nursery to 11+. Had all my jabs there and flat feet check.

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi Mike,
    Nice to hear your memories of visiting the doctors in Hollywall Lane when being so young.
    It is still good to see such photographs like our old G.P. surgery in Sandyford when it takes us back to the good old days.

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