People make Decision over Goldenhill War Memorial’s Future

The Goldenhill War Memorial relocation consultation has proved a success with the community coming to a unanimous decision about it’s future. The consultation day on the 5th April at Goldenhill Community Centre received a number of visitors each with constructive comments, including representation from the Methodist Church and people from the War Memorial Trust in respect to it’s relocation from St John’s Church.

66 completed questionnaires were received with 51 for the old memorial to be relocated to Goldenhill Methodist Church and 3 requesting a new memorial on the same site.

The remaining 12 questionnaires returned, either did not conform to the yes/no question, not leaving contact details to leaving the memorial where it is.

Now the decision has been made by the local community about where the War Memorial’s future lies, it is now left to the Ward Councillor, City Council’s Local Matters Team and S.A.G.E. to move forward with the project.

In the coming weeks it is hoped after discussions with Goldenhill Methodist Church that a suitable resting place for the “War Memorial” can be found for it to be in a more secure and safer place.

Just to say a big thank you to everyone who participated with the consultation, including residents, questionnaire pick up points at Londis/Post Office, Mace Shop, Sandyford Stores, Premier Golden Mini Market, Goldenhill Medical Centre & Goldenhill Community Centre as well as the Council’s Local Matters Team, Councillor Martin Garner, Goldenhill Methodist Church and members of the S.A.G.E. committee.

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