Goldenhill Cannabis Factory Posed Fire Risk

Earlier this week Staffordshire Police uncovered more than 200 cannabis plants after raiding a property in Heath Street, Goldenhill.

After examining the building it was revealed by Staffordshire Police that the electricity had been bypassed with “do it yourself” cabling, which posed a serious fire risk not only to the property in question but also to nearby neighbouring homes as well.

Tom Simpson, Secretary of Sandyford and Goldenhill Residents’ Association, said: “People have commented before at public meetings about how cars are parked on Heath Street, which would mean a fire engine would struggle to go down. This could have been very serious”.

Mr Simpson went onto say, “I am surprised by the location of where the plants were growing, at a house on a residential street. It’s bad as it can bring an area down when you hear of things like this. However, it is positive the police have taken action.”

PC Tench of Staffordshire Police has urged anyone with concerns over drug supply to contact the force. He added: “This has taken a lot of drugs off the streets. If we are provided with the information then we can act on it.”

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  • Pamela Booth

    Is it OK, to add this church service and perhaps on a regular basis, its the Gateway Methodist at Goldenhill, we already have it via Facebook, but wondered if it would perhaps attract some local people, it is as below…

    Sunday Morning Worship service at 10.45 am
    at The Gateway Methodist Community Church, High Street, Goldenhill.

    To be taken by Mrs. D. Leese, please join us, all are welcome.

    I am a church steward and member of the church and originate from the old Charlotte Street in Goldenhill.

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