Sunday Morning Worship at Gateway Methodist Church

“Sunday Morning Worship Service” 10.45 a.m. at The Gateway Methodist Community Church, High Street, Goldenhill.

Mrs D. Leese will be taking the Sunday services, so please join them each and every Sunday, everyone is welcome.

Pamea Booth who is a church steward/member of the Methodist Church, and originates from the old Charlotte Street in Goldenhill is encouraging new members to come along to their Sunday services because she believes a visit to their church is a rewarding experience for anyone who chooses to go.

3 comments to Sunday Morning Worship at Gateway Methodist Church

  • Pamela Booth

    Thanks or accepting me, we also have several social events over the next few months, there are flyers in the church giving details of these..

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi Pamela, not a problem to promote your church and future events. If you would like to post them onto me nearer the time then I will advertise them on the “Home Page”.

  • Pamela Booth

    Thanks very much.

    calatafimi Murcia

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