Top Gear Car Wash “Up, Up & Away”

Storm Doris has today taken away into the skies the controversial canopy at Top Gear Car Wash on Goldenhill’s main High Street.

Residents and Stoke on Trent City Council’s planning department have taken issue to the car wash set up in respect to the ongoing situation and unsightliness of the canopy, which is now on wheels to avoid planning restrictions.

Residents have shared concerns about the freewheeling canopy, which is no surprise to them after it was easily swept away into the skies. Further concerns raised by local people is it could have been far worse by the structure damaging local properties or even causing an injury or a fatality to people living in the area.

1 comment to Top Gear Car Wash “Up, Up & Away”

  • James

    Top gear Carwash is great staff great worker they don’t nothing wrong the wind was so so fast as everyone no over 95ml a hour…not even took the canopy it took back bi g tree from down the road …and also Cancil should help them ..and I believe only 2 houses making complain as always they du

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