Drummond Street, Goldenhill Before The Landscape Changed

Pictured right, Drummond Street, Goldenhill in the 1960’s before the houses were demolished and the new Goldenhill Community Hall/Centre and St John’s Vicarage was built.

How times have changed from the many terraced houses that landscaped the area of Goldenhill, although it is nice to remember what it was like in the good old days back in the middle of the last century.

If anyone has any good time stories about Goldenhill and Sandyford then please let us know.

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  • David Wood

    The van belonged to Eric Parker the local electrician, his shop can be seen on the left of the photo, it was on the corner of Drummond Street and High Street. At the top left of the picture is Victoria Street and on the right would have been Dutton’s ice cream manufactory.

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