Sandyford Service Station Update

The Kay Group who are developing a new BP Service Station on James Brindley Way near to the KFC roundabout have asked Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association to update residents with a progress report.

They say they only have one legal document to secure for the entrances and exit they need to start the development, which all conditions have been discharged.

The Kay Group say they will be on site this week to do some setting up and some services diversions, but it is not the start of the development, purely preparatory work.

2 comments to Sandyford Service Station Update

  • Dilan Guney

    Why isn’t the local businesses aware of any plannings permitted on big sites like these? Or, being informed before to see if there is any obligations or thoughts by the locals?

  • Tom Simpson

    Planning applications are applied for and advertised through the council on their website as well as listed on signposts where people can object if they want to. In regards to the service station this happened a good 3 years ago, and through regulations it has taken this long to move the development forward.
    In recent times the Government has relaxed the way people/businesses can apply for planning, unfortunately this does not help everyone, but it can help others.

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