Scammer Awareness “Important To Read”

Staffordshire Police sayBeware of Scams

If you’ve been called out of the blue or get a text offering to help you get your cost of living or energy payments down, it’s likely to be a scam attempting to get your bank details.

You can protect yourself with this quick three-step check:

    1. If you’re asked to pay an upfront fee, it could be scam.

    2. If you’re asked to pay quickly, it could be a scam.

    3. If you’re asked to pay in an unusual way, such as vouchers or money transfer, or asked for your bank details, it could be a scam.

Worried you’ve been scammed?

·  If you’re already responded, end all communication immediately.

·  Call your bank and cancel any recurring payments.

·  Report the scam to the Police Action Fraud service on 0300 123 2040.

If you need further help call the Citizen Advice Scams Action Helpline on 0808 250 5050.

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