Community Payback Could Have a Place of Their Own

At the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Public Meeting held on Thursday, it was discussed that a housing developer could be building a small community room on the site of St John’s Church in Goldenhill, so that Community Payback workers would be able to have a base of their own to work from.

This would mean that community service workers would have toilet, storage and rest/eating facilities when maintaining the nearby churchyard.

The residents association wants to encourage the community payback workers to continue their good work in the area.

Joe Smith, S.A.G.E. Chair said: “We are encouraged by the plans. the residents association are giving their full support to this proposal as we want to bring back a vital service to the Goldenhill area.”

Tom Simpson, S.A.G.E. Secretary said: “This is something the residents’ association has really pushed for because we want the development to provide for the wider community.”

Director Paul Squire, Landstone Homes said: “We have promised to build a small structure on the site so that they can make use of it while tending the churchyard. We’re looking to go ahead with the Goldenhill site this year.”

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