War Memorial Relocation Consultation

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  • Patricia

    I am not a resident of Goldenhill but I do have a connection with the memorial at St John’s Church. My grandmother’s first husband Gunner Richard Smith who died on 2.3.1917 has his name on the memorial. I would like to be kept informed of the decision regarding the memorial.

    Thank you

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi Patricia,
    The consultation decision will be placed onto the SAGE website for everyone to see. Please note the consultation is in 2 parts, 1 – relocate existing war memorial to Goldenhill Methodist Church & 2 – provide a new granite war memorial to Goldenhill Methodist Church
    Thank you for your interest.

  • Hi Tom, I have just posted this on Goldenhill Memories.
    Hopefully our members will react favourably.
    I have collected a few forms as I know some of my neighbours will be interested too.

  • Gareth Griffiths

    From my research into the Turnock and Tunstall family of The Colclough’s and Colclough House I think I’m right in saying there used to be The Square (as a street) opposite ST. johns church. This is probably outside of living memory now. Maybe it’s an idea to relocate the memorial to some form of new cenotaph opposite the church, on the lawn there, with a paved area or steps around the cenotaph, thereby creating a safe area where societies and groups could stand on Armistice Day to each lay their wreaths in turn. The memorial stones could then be relocated alongside the cenotaph creating a nice central feature in the middle of the village, more noticeable, permitting a degree of pride the villagers have for those that gave their lives in both wars. My main worry would be for the future of the church though as some may seek to demolish it like the adjacent school after the fire.

    Anyone know where the Tunstall’s are buried other than Thomas Tunstall next to the Brindley grave at Newchapel?
    Sophia Tunstall, Oriana, Octavia, spencer William Norton Tunstall, Percival, Herbert, benedicta, septimus, Georgiana, etc.
    Some of who me left goldenhill in 1860 for Chicago, Illinois. But that’s another story.
    Gareth, Kidsgrove.

  • Sorry, I had better add I lived in Sandyford 14 years and used to attend the memorial in November and look at it on my visits to the churchyard to read the headstones. Gareth.

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