Community Comes Together to Save Lives

Councillor Kanneganti pictured left presenting the defibrillator to Londis Manager “Sri”, also in attendance members of Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association

Local community group Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association, along with City Councillor Chandra Kanneganti who is also a local G.P. come together to help save lives.

Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (SAGE) applied for over £900 from Councillor Chandra Kanneganti’s Ward Budget to purchase a much needed defibrillator to be sited at the Londis Supermarket & Post Office in Goldenhill.

The residents association topped up the much needed purchase by donating £50 out of its funds, and with the councillor contributing to such a good cause, it would be fitting he presented the lifesaving equipment to Kartheepan Sriramamoorthy “Sri” who is the manager of Londis.

Saving lives at this time of the COVID-19 epidemic is important to all of us, and it is believed that even if having a defibrillator located in the village saves one life then it will have been money well spent.

Sri on accepting the defibrillator into his Supermarket/Post Office welcomed having the equipment on site, saying he always supports the local community wherever he can, and having lifesaving apparatus on site; could mean the difference between someone’s life and death.

Chandra Kanneganti says that to have a defibrillator in a busy village like Goldenhill is invaluable to the local community. The councillor went onto say that having this piece of equipment to save lives is so easy to use, and he is looking to provide lifesaving training later in the year for local residents to attend an event.

7 comments to Community Comes Together to Save Lives

  • Michael Daniels

    There’s also a defibrillator at the Chatterley Whitfield pub on the Brindley Village estate if anyone ever needs one in that area.

  • Tom Simpson

    Michael, I have found out that the defibrillator at the Chatterley Whitfield Pub is not registered, so the ambulance service are not aware.

  • Michael Daniels

    Hi Tom, I was not aware that the defib at the Chatterley is not registered. I have contacted the person who raised the money to have it installed about the issue. I will let you know the outcome. Regards, Michael

  • Michael Daniels

    Hi Tom, I have contacted the person who raised the funds for the defib at the Chatterley Whitfield pub and she has assured me that the ambulance service are fully aware of it. Regards, Michael.

  • Tom

    Hi Michael,
    I have been in contact wuth Holly who raised the funds for the defibrillator, and I have given her the details on how to register the equipment with the relevant people.
    Many thanks,

  • Michael Daniels

    Holly contacted me this morning to explain that she was under the impression that it was registered but it turned out that you were correct to say that it wasn’t. Glad it has now been sorted. Regards, Michael.

  • Holly Sproston

    Dear Tom,

    You have made zero attempts at contacting me so putting over social media that you have is just lies. The Defibrillator at the Chatterley Whitfield was registered on the circuit that is connected to West Mids Ambulance service.
    I have had a lengthy conversation today with AED Donate and the guy that registered our defib and he has sent me proof of registration.
    If you would like to actually discuss this further then I would urge you to actually contact me.


    Mrs Holly Sproston

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