St John’s Church Suffering More Damage

Staffordshire Police have reported that recently they’ve received a couple of incidents with teenager’s hanging around St John’s Church, High Street, Goldenhill causing damage and engaging in anti social behaviour.

If you have seen anything suspicious or teenager’s around the church please call the Police on 101 or private message on Facebook / Twitter quoting serial number SP-20210918-0645 or you can speak to crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 anonymously.

Thank you for your help in this incident.

3 comments to St John’s Church Suffering More Damage

  • Marianne

    How can I buy this land and preserve or even ressurect this beautiful historical church?

  • Hi Marianne,
    To buy the church I would suggest you contact Father John Stather, Vicar, Christchurch, Tunstall High Street or the Archdeacon of Stoke on Trent.
    Good luck.

  • John Williamson

    To restore it to a safe condition would now cost about £150,000 in addition to the purchase cost, which along with the Japanese Knotweed problem is why I had to withdraw my offer and abandon my ambitions to turn it into a music performing and recording facility. Planning permission for that conversion expires in March 2023, and all the paperwork is on file at the planning department. Last time I went inside, in March 2022, all the pews, the pulpit, the font and the organ were still in situ. The older stained glass is part of the English Heritage listing and needs repairs and restoration. Pictures are available.

    To get it back into public use, the best, probably the only way, would be to set up a charitable trust, which would be eligible for funding help from the Heritage Lottery fund.

    For further info, feel free to contact me at

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