Celebrating Sandyford’s Heritage

Pictured Left To Right, Steve Bourne (Muller), David Evans (Heron Pottery), Tom Simpson (Secretary SAGE), Councillor Chandra Kanneganti, Marina Love (Resident Front) John Massey (Churchill China) Nathan Beard (q-railing), Alec Fern (Brenden Fern Ltd), Paul Capewell (q-railing), Bill Love (Resident)
Pictured Left To Right, Steve Bourne (Muller), David Evans (Heron Fine China), Tom Simpson (Secretary SAGE), Councillor Chandra Kanneganti, Marina Love (Resident Front) John Massey (Churchill China) Nathan Beard (q-railing), Alec Fern (Brenden Fern Ltd), Paul Capewell (q-railing), Bill Love (Resident)

Today, Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association asked John Massey, Churchill China & David Evans, Heron Fine China to unveil it’s new “Pottery Village of Sandyford” heritage plaque at the junction of Summerbank Road/High Street.

Tom Simpson, Secretary, Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association talked about how the new plaque came about, which was when the place name sign “Pottery Village of Sandyford” was stolen in the middle of the night, which was caught on CCTV, although the culprit could not be identified due to them wearing a mask and hoodie.

Tom went onto talk about the history leading to the new plaque by saying it was Admiral Smith Child who, during the peace of 1763 (Americas), he then erected here a large manufactory in Sandyford, in them days it was Sandyford with an “I” not a “Y”

The pottery firm was then acquired by Adams and his brother in law in the early 1780’s before it was then passed back to Smith Child’s grandson, and in the 19th Century it was once more being leased, before it was then bought by W Adams in 1859. Tom Simpson added, I don’t think anyone could have realised how far back Sandyford’s history went in the pottery industry, but through an act of antisocial behaviour, it made us do just that.

Tom on behalf of the residents association talked about the councillor and companies who have donated money to purchase the plaque, thanking Councillor Chandra Kanneganti (Ward Budget), John Massey (Churchill China), David Evans (Heron Pottery), Paul Capewell & Nathan Beard (q-railing), Alec Fern (Brenden Fern), Matt (Best Tyres), Steve Bourne (Muller Property) & Paul Blackmore (The Kay Group) for donating money to have the heritage sign erected. Tom Simpson went onto say how appreciative we all are that you have supported us in celebrating our pottery past and for being here today.

Before the unveiling took place, the Secretary thanked Jim Kirk, Council Commercial Manager for overseeing the work and being supportive to the project.

Tom then asked John Massey, Churchill China & David Evans, Heron Fine China to say a few words before unveiling the plaque.

John Massey, Churchill China said it was a privalege to have been asked to unveil the heritage plaque today on behalf of the company. Mr Massey went onto say that Churchill China is now fully operational from it’s Sandyford base and they are fully supportive of Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association, and all of the residents who live here. John added that the plaque represents the pottery industry in this area as well as it showing it’s long history.

David Evans, Heron Fine China said he was very proud for his business to relocate to Sandyford, and it is good to recognise the areas pottery past. David went onto say that the community spirit that both the residents and residents association has in Sandyford is to be praised, and was pleased to make a donation towards the project.

Q-railing UK who have donated to the project, said we are honoured to be part of the new plaque celebrating the Pottery Village of Sandyford. We are proud of our local history and proud to be part of the Sandyford community.

Councillor Chandra Kanneganti said he was pleased to donate £1,000 out of his ward budget towards having the heritage plaque erected. The councillor also went onto say that Sandyford with it’s pottery past and Goldenhill with it’s mining history need to be celebrated and recognised, adding that he has a lot of praise to what the residents association is achieving, which I fully support.

Steve Bourne, Muller Property Group thanked the residents group for the invitation to the heritage sign unveiling. Mr Bourne said we were more than happy to provide a donation towards this suitable cause promoting the past history of the area. Mr Bourne went onto say; we have maintained a dialogue between Muller Property Group and Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association prior to and during the works on our site, including a presentation of the proposals at your Public Annual General Meeting in April 2018. We are very pleased that the scheme has now come to fruition to inject life back into this prime position within Sandyford.

Alec Fern, Brenden Fern Ltd said he has always supported Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association for many years by making a number of donations since the company relocated here nine years ago from Tunstall. Alec went onto say that he recognises why the residents association wants to celebrate it’s ceramic heritage, and thats why we wanted to be a part of it by donating money towards the project.

Representing Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association on the day as well as Tom Simpson was Lynn Dunning, Chairman, James Smith, Acting Vice Chairman and Ryan Smart, Committee Member.

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  • I am looking for the name of the Pottery in Sandyford that produced the piggy-banks for Boots. They also made seaside-novelties. I worked there as a painter in 1962 for a short time. The factory was certainly something to write about! I am a published writer {now living in Stroud Gloucestershire} and in the process of penning my autobiography “A Thirty-shilling Life” about growing-up in the potteries. If anyone knows the name of the factory please contact me on 07772947174

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