Celebrating Sandyford’s Heritage

Pictured Left To Right, Steve Bourne (Muller), David Evans (Heron Fine China), Tom Simpson (Secretary SAGE), Councillor Chandra Kanneganti, Marina Love (Resident Front) John Massey (Churchill China) Nathan Beard (q-railing), Alec Fern (Brenden Fern Ltd), Paul Capewell (q-railing), Bill Love (Resident)

Today, Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association asked John Massey, Churchill China & David […]

“Pottery Village of Sandyford”

The “Pottery Village of Sandyford” Nameplate has come back to Reginald Mitchel Way this week.

The sign which was hit by a vehicle earlier in the year, meant it had to be removed for safety reasons.

It’s new position on the highway has located it to the embankment side of the footpath, which keeps the […]