Travellers Find New Way onto Goldenhill Golf Course

Golf Course where nearby access was gained

Travellers have gained new access onto the former Goldenhill Golf Course yesterday afternoon.

Stoke on Trent City Council has put up defences to stop illegal access onto the land, but this was not to deter attempts by the Travellers to initially move onto the land with […]

Sandyford Cricket Club Suffers Invasion of Neighbouring Travellers

Travellers have again moved onto two separate pieces of land in the Sandyford area.

James Brindley Way is again a target for Travellers to move into the area with them occupying both sides of the road.

On this occasion there is at least 15 caravans visiting the site with the possibility of more to follow.


Travellers Travel to New Venue

James Brindley Way, Sandyford, where Travellers previosly occupied the site.

Travellers have moved off the disused golf course in Goldenhill to a new site off James Brindley Way, Sandyford.

It appears the Travellers moved off the golf course prior to council officers attending court today, in an attempt of obtaining a possession order […]

Travellers Back On James Brindley Way

Visiting Travellers on James Brindley Way, Sandyford

Travellers have regained access to land on James Brindley Way in Sandyford.

Again, this land is proving to be easy access for visiting Travellers to set up camp on spare land, which offers ample space for a number of vehicles.

Four caravans and four trucks have […]