1955 Goldenhill High Street

High Street, Goldenhill back in 1955

Councillor Martin Garner has forwarded a photograph showing High Street, Goldenhill taken in 1955 outside St John’s Church looking towards Kidsgrove.

The question we are all asking, who is the policeman in the photograph? Could it be Joe Smith, who is the Chairman of the Sandyford and […]

Goldenhill’s Mining History

Picture of nearby Sneyd Colliery in Burslem

In the Goldenhill area Randle Baddeley was digging coal “in the lane in Oldcott between Broadfield and Gill Bank” in or before 1719, while George Sparrow was working in Colclough Lane at the same time. During the early 1730’s Sparrow was mining “coal cannel, and ironstone” […]