School Medicals in 1950’s Nissen Huts

David Wood’s story this time talks about 1950’s & 60’s children’s healthcare in Sandyford and Goldenhill.

David goes onto say, I had my paper round just after my thirteenth birthday but first I had to have a medical at the school clinic at Hollywall Lane.

A Nissen Hut Building similar to the former […]

Conkers at Bathpool Park

David Wood’s story this time takes us into Bathpool Park, Kidsgrove, which tells many a tale, especially that of the murdered Lesley Whittle.

Lake at Bathpool Park, Kidsgrove

David starts by saying, You couldn’t beat a walk around Bathpool Lake on a summer evening, even better for us because our granny lived on […]

Playgrounds of the 1950’s & 60’s

David Wood starts his story this time by talking about the playground at the top of Goldenhill, where you can see over to the Cheshire Plains.

Playground at the top of Goldenhill Village since the 1950's

David goes onto say,

The playground which is still at the top of the village, now there […]

PMT Buses in the 1950’s

In this article David Wood talks about the good old PMT buses, does anyone know what the PMT stood for, of course you do “Potteries Motor Traction”.

PMT Bus in Tunstall's Tower Square

David’s story goes,

Who among you can remember the clock opposite the Travellers Rest which was used by the PMT […]

Goldenhill’s Overseeing Jodrell Bank

David Wood’s story this time discusses the landscape of Goldenhill and how it stands high overlooking the Cheshire Plain.

David goes on to say,

During 1961 the slag heap at the top of Kidsgrove Bank, Starvation Banks, was landscaped with the promise that it would be turned into a park with all sorts of facilities, […]

Goldenhill’s All Saint’s “Tin Church”

David’ story this time talks about how a local church was a big part of community life, especially for the young people who lived in Goldenhill in the 1950’s and 60’s.

David says, the All Saint’s Church in Rodgers Street, usually referred to as the Tin Church then, was a regular meeting place on a […]

Behind the Shop Counter “what was it like”

In the picture to the right is Cliff’ Bosson’s father behind the counter in his mums shop at 871 High Street, Goldenhill, which was a Sweet & Grocery Store.

On the right of the photo are the scales with sweet jars in front of them, Cliff thinks there is cheese under the glass counter with […]

1950’s Shops “in a pickle”

Cliff Bosson’s mums shop was at 871 High St Goldenhill, it was initally a grocers shop which ended up selling many things including sweets and he can remember her buying vegatables direct from the farmers.

871 High Street, Goldenhill, Sweet & Grocery Store

Cliff goes onto say that when supermarkets became popular it […]

Was anyone ever taught by May Eplett at Goldenhill school?

This is an interesting article that was sent to the local memories section of the website by Lizzie Richards and goes back to the 1930’s.

If anyone has any stories or memories, which they could add to Lizzies request for more information then please do so.

Lizzie says,

Hi Everyone,

I was facinated to find […]

Telegrams to You Tube

David Wood’s story continues with the 1950’s Telegram and concludes with 21st century You Tube technology.

David says, urgent messages were delivered by telegram because very few people had telephones and this was the quickest way to do it. The telegram boys rode little red motorbikes and fairly whizzed around the city, in fact everyone […]